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How to deal with corruption in your workplace

How to deal with corruption in your workplace


One of the trickiest situations that professionals can find themselves in, is being asked to take a bribe in order to compromise a process or to favour a particular person in some dealing(s). Most people who have found themselves in the middle of such situations, have been unable to deal with it effectively. Below are some of the ways on how to deal with corruption if you face one in your workplace.

Assess the situation  


Bribery can be offered directly and with a great deal of pressure from the party making the offer. In such a situation, it is important that the person being offered the bribe try to find out if refusing the offer will worsen the situation. Caution must be taken especially when dealing with parties that such as colleagues and/or those in power.


Maintain presence of mind


Bribery can arise from persons and moments that are least expected of it. Maintaining a presence of mind is very important in such situations. Capturing and retaining details of the event and the offer becomes very important. For example, one should take note of; who is offering the bribe, what is the offer, when and where were they approached and any other information that can be used as evidence.  


Notify the person in-charge or the superior


When offered a bribe, person(s) in authority must be notified without delay. However, at the time of making such notification, one should only inform the person that he or she trusts. Delay in passing the information or notifying the authorities involved may affect the credibility of the person.  


Avoiding promises

If it reaches a situation where saying no to the offer is not favourable, one should avoid making promises or commitments of any kind to the bribing party. Gathering enough physical evidence and making necessary documentation may be helpful at the time of arguing/ proving the event. The evidence should be handled with care and kept in their original form. In some situations, the bribe can be sent anonymously through courier or mail. Once any such package is received, one should take photos of the contents of the package and the packaging itself. Keeping all information confidential and safe until appropriate actions have been taken through proper investigation is very important.